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˾Ƶθ ǥ

Here you go again. ̱.

Snap out of it. ޱ.

Don't make a fuss. .

I'm stuck speechless. Ⱑ ȳ´.

You are as quiet as a mouse. ϴ

That's a rip off! ٰ ̱!

That's a steal! ¥ ٸ !

I'm worried sick. װڴ.

I did well on my test. þ

In this day and age

I'd like to make withdraw. (࿡) ã Ѵ.

How would you like that? ?

That's money down the drain. װ .

Old habits die hard. .

I'm sorry to hear that. װ ȵƱ.

It's out of the question. ȵ.

He will get back on his feet in no time. ״ Ͼ ž.(in no time )

My car stalled. .

You're gonna have to junk it. ó ض.

They cooked up a scheme. ׵ 跫 ٸ.

Here you go again. ̱.

I know a thing or two. ȴ.

What's wrong? ̴?

Let me take a look at it.

We can't afford it. װ .

Have you lost weight? ?

It wouldn't hurt to go look? ?

I'd look great behind the wheel. ϴ ϰž.

It's a token of my appreciation. ̴.

You got what you pay for. θ Ѵ . Ѱ ̴.

You name it, you get it. ϼ, ֽϴ.

I'd like give it a try. ѹ غ.

Fools rush in. ѷ .

I want a rush service. 񽺸 Ѵ.

A.S.A.P. (="As" soon as possible )

D.U.I. ֿ(driving under influence)

Where are you calling from? ȭϴ Ŵ?

He is dying to see you. ״ װ ; ̴.

Something came up. .

Don't count your chickens before they are hatched. ġ .

What kind of business are you in? ϼ?

What's gotten into her? ?

You still have feeling for him ʴ ׸ Ѵ.

I pulled my muscles on my back. 㸮 ߲ߴ.

He is making a big deal out of it. ƴѰ .

While you are at it, could you refill my coffee? ̿ϴ 迡 ĿǸ ּ.

You always stick up for him. ׻ .

The pie is on the house. ̴ Դϴ.

Get out of face. .

Let's drink night away. .

I'm manging in there. ׷ .

Drop me a line. ϼ.

Spill it. о .

So, sue me! ׷ ¿!

I get up with the chickens Ͼ.

Jump the gun. ѷ

Poor thing! ҽض!

You look familiar. ʹ.

I think you've got the wrong person. ߸ .

Can I try this on? ̰ Ծ ˴ϱ?

How does it fit?  ³?

The boss makes a face at me. λ .

I break up with her. ="I'm" through with her. ׳ .

I'm looking for a tie to go well with this shirt. ︱ Ÿ̸ ã ֽϴ.

I'll ring it up for you. ϰڴ.

Is this on sale? ϴ Դϱ?

It's 30 percent off. 30%̴.

The price was recently marked down. Ǿϴ.

How much do I owe you? Դϱ?

That's a good buy(good deal, real bargain)! ΰ ̱.

That's a steal. ¥ ٸ.

That's a rip off! ٰ ̱.

I'm 3 dollar's short. 3޷ մϴ.

alumni meeting âȸ

We have a lot in common. 츰 .

arranged marriage ߸ ȥ

I'd like to open an account. ¸ ϰ ;.


I heard it through the grape vine. ҹ .

Just leave it there. ׳ μ.

I'm all thumb. ߸ؿ.

I'm out of shape. Ű ̿.

I went on a fool's errand. ߴ.

You're just like I thought you'd be. .

Get off me. .

Some parents you are! θ𱺿.

You're getting off the subject.  ⸦ ϰ ־.

I'm all for it. ̾.

Would you move over a little? ݸ ֽðھ?

This is a small gift from me. ޾ֽðھ?

How brave of you! ¯ .

Let's put it a vote. ǥῡ Խô.

You're not making sense. յڰ ´´.

maternal side/paternal side ܰ/ģ

I don't get it. ذ ȵ.

I have mixed feeling./It's bitter sweet. ÿ ϴ.

You pinhead! Ӹ.

Look who's talking. 絷 ϳ.

It can't be helped. ¿ .

I'm gonna go for it? ?

You look great dressed up. .

paper, scissors, rock , ,

You're making a scene here. ٵ ʸ Ĵٺ ־.

What a windfall! ض̾.

Enjoy your meal. ְ 弼.

It makes my mouth water/This food makes me drool. ħ ϴ .

No pain, no gain. ´.

Come to think of it. ,

I'm just browsing/I'm just looking around. ׳ 游 մϴ.

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